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This page is being contantly worked on and expanded. Expect lots of changes. But for now...

This page is a bit of a showcase wrapped in an explanation of an enigma. I've got this hobby, see, and it's called "modeling". I tell people that they can check out my modeling on the net and they generally react with something in between disbelief and nausea. To their relief, there are, to date, no nude or even partially nude pics of me floating around the internet. This, then, is my little corner of the web where I try to explain my geeky little modelling obsession to the rest of the world.


Modeling is nothing more than computer-facilitated art, whether it be animated or still. Modeling is the creation, location, illumination, and animation of 3D objects.

Objects are built out of squares and triangles. A "skin" is added using colour and texture. Lighting is added to illuminate the scene and cast shadows and colours.

Sounds cold and geeky? Well, it's not cold...


Who you tryin' to kid, Dirty? You ain't no model...
Hell no! But I make 'em with these... (there'll be more stuff coming, this is just "functional filler")
Blender (modeling program: way cool, professional power, and FREE to a good home)
VegaStrike is an amazing free open-source game of space combat and trading for PC, Mac, and Linux. This is what I am currently producing most of my artwork for, including everything you'll find in the My Stuff section. Vegastrike is completely built by and for an unpaid community of strange, friendly, bright, and annoyingly talented group of people from all over the world. If you want something done right...
You can find it here.


My Stuff
(accompanied by my usual witty reparte)

DirtyArtwork: Planetary Backgrounds

DirtyArtwork: Cargo Items


Rotating Artwork Examples



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